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What Brands Can Learn From Influencers When It Comes To Branded Merch and Other Goods

Mr Beast launches merch for kids and adults

What We Can Learn From Influencers

Merchandise is a big revenue source for many influencers so it’s no surprise they have the merch game down as one of their biggest money makers. This is a great way to generate revenue and build your brand. Getting your products into your consumers’ hands and creating something that they want to use and show off!

So what can all brands learn from influencers when it comes to merchandise?

A prominent YouTuber, Mr. Beast, has established himself in the world of branded apparel and merchandise. Through strategic branding and community engagement, he has transformed his iconic catchphrases and memorable moments into sought-after merchandise items for his extensive fanbase. Leveraging e-commerce platforms and social media marketing, Mr. Beast has cultivated a highly lucrative empire, demonstrating the power of authenticity and creativity in the influencer-driven market. His merchandise not only generates significant revenue but also fosters a strong sense of connection and loyalty among his dedicated followers.

Why Aesthetics Matter

Good-looking merchandise gets used (and sold) more. Aesthetics give the appearance and attraction of textile goods; it includes the color and texture of the material. Vibrant, colorful, pastel, silky, smooth, unique. That’s why influencers will invest in hiring designers or collaborating with fashion brands to create merch that not only looks good but resonates with their brand. They use messaging and design that speaks directly with their audience through videos,  in-jokes, and uplifting messages, among other art styles.

Next time you go to make a custom-branded promotional product, ask yourself how you can bring the design to the next level while still remaining on brand.

Understanding Your Audience

If there’s one thing influencers understand it’s their brand.

They know money is on the line and that it’s important they are confident the branded products they put out are going to be loved by their audience.

So what’s one of the best ways to know what people want? Ask.

Let’s try to keep it simple, the act of asking gives the community a voice and helps to build anticipation.

They also understand the process of tying merchandise back to their brand and using it for promotions and marketing campaigns.

For example, “Yes Theory” released a merch sub-brand “Seek Discomfort” which promotes values like positivity, bravery, and self-confidence. The same kind of values their community watches their YouTube videos for.

supreme brand launch drop crowd


Leverage Exclusivity and Scarcity with Your Brand

Merch drops are commonplace in the influencer world.

(A merch drop is simply a limited release of merchandise that’s brought out at a certain time)

They’re common because they work and are an example of the power of a strong brand, having scarcity, and building anticipation.

While merch drops will not be suited to all brands they offer ideas that will help to spark ideas and interest;

  • Use social media to build anticipation and announce the availability of products ahead of time and to create engagement.
  • Highlight the fear of missing out e.g. “The first 50 people to visit our booth and sign up for a trial will receive a branded gift, get in early or miss out.”
  • Limited edition runs will elevate the product value
  • Use social proof (other people using the products or saying good things) to increase value perception and FOMO
  • You can SELL YOUR PROMOTIONAL MERCH. These aren’t just giveaways. They help you create value and set your price.

Influencers can teach us a lot about merch and building a community.

While the goals of a brand will differ between an influencer and a company the principles will remain the same.

It’s worthwhile to check out some big influencers to influence (yes I know) your branded merchandise strategy.

We also have a team of branded merchandise connoisseurs who will gladly help you elevate your promotional merchandise to the next level. Get in touch today or view our range to get started!

Schedule a custom consultation for your brand today!


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